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Drupal is powerful, customizable, and flexible, letting you connect many pieces to make your website. As your site evolves you simply move the pieces, take some away, or add new ones. The site you need now may not be the site you need in the future, so you can extend your site with more pieces.

Community Support

The passionate Drupal community is on hand to give support via various vibrant IRC channels, in the forums, and face to face at Drupal events. As Drupal is open source, this means everybody can get involved and make a difference.

Dedicated Security Team

We take security seriously and have a dedicated team that has a proven track record in dealing with your security issues professionally and efficiently, meaning you can spend more time creating your site.

Commercial Ecosystem

As well as the community, there are many dedicated companies in the Marketplace on hand to help with your Drupal project. Providing expertise and a deeper understanding, they can help with hosting, spam blocking, training, and more.

Drupal Features


Drupal can be updated and managed using a web browser so you can access it from around the world without the need for additional software.


Drupal comes with polls, templating, threaded comments, and version control. These features allow you to manage your site’s content and let users interact with your content.


Whether you need a gallery, contact form, or shopping cart, Drupal modules let you build, customize, and extend your site as much as you want. You can even contribute modules for others to use.


Use an existing Drupal theme for your site, giving it an instant identity! If you can’t find one you like, try designing your own which others can use, too.


Spend less time looking for answers and more time creating your space on the web. Our search function does the hard work for you, giving you solutions at the click of a button.


Drupal allows you to create sites and applications to help people express their opinions and engage with one another through Wikis, Forums, and Blogs


Drupal has a worldwide community that is one hand to help with your Drupal problems, share ideas, and even meet for coffee at a local Drupal event.


Make your Drupal site stand out. Add galleries, create themes, extend it with modules and let your imagination run wild.

Who's Using Drupal

From local businesses to global corporations, diverse organizations use Drupal.

News Publishing
New York Observer, NowPublic, Popular Science
Intranet/Corporate Websites
Yahoo! Research, AOL Corporate
Amherst College, e-Learning Institute, WPA
Art, Music, Multimedia
MTV UK, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records
Community Portal Sites
Fast Company, Team Sugar, Kerneltrap
Social Networking Sites
DrupalSN, imbee, GoingOn

Download a One-Page Brochure

Short on time? Decision-maker too busy to look at this site? Download our one-page brochure for a summary of why you should choose Drupal, and information on its features and benefits.

Getting Started

The Drupal Core is a collection of files that you must download in order to get started with Drupal.

You can then build upon that with modules, themes, and translations.

Technical Requirements

For Drupal 6, you need the following to get started:

Drupal is web-based, which means it is compatible with all operating systems.

More detailed information on the system requirements.