Talk with the Drupal Community on IRC

The Drupal IRC channels are vital for connecting the community. Not only are they a great way to get fast, effective support, but they allow users to learn more and to get involved. Drupal uses the FreeNode IRC network,, and occupies the following channels:

Essential Channels to Join
  • drupal; for general Drupal discussion. This includes primarily all coding questions, but also topics about promotion, advocacy, infrastructure, and general Drupal community questions. (For modules and other support type questions see drupal-support).
  • drupal-support; for support. Help for anything you can do with Drupal inside the web-based admin screens is best found here.
  • drupal-themes; for theme support. If you have a question about how to create, modify or distribute your themes, then this is the place to go.
Topical Channels
  • drupal-consultants; for Drupal Consultants. You can find paid help here, as well as advice on best practices and general discussions surrounding the business side of Drupal. Ask questions here only if you're willing to pay for the advice.
  • drupal-dev; is also for code discussions but is designated as a quiet place when two or more people need space to hash out some issues and #drupal is too noisy. In general, coding belongs in #drupal despite the name.
  • drupal-docs; for the Documentation team to discuss and organize working on the handbooks.
  • drupal-dojo; for the Drupal Dojo group. This is where dojo lessons are discussed and organized.
  • drupal-groups; for group organizers. Receive and give tips on how to organize local Drupal user group.
  • drupal-ecommerce; for the e-commerce Group.
  • drupal-ubercart; for Ubercart support and development.
Regional Channels
  • drupal-au; for Australian Drupal developers and users.
  • drupal-bayarea; for the San Francisco Bay Area group.
  • drupal-colorado; for Colorado Drupal users.
  •; for German Drupal users.
  • drupal-denmark; for the Drupal Denmark user group.
  • drupal-es and drupal-peru; are Spanish language channels.
  • drupal-in; for the Drupal India community.
  • drupal-la; for the Los Angeles Drupal group.
  • drupal-nl; for Dutch and Belgian Drupal users.
  • drupal-norge; for Norwegian Drupal users. Though you can visit this channel anytime of the day, the Norwegian Drupal community site Drupal Norge announced a chat schedule from 21:00H (norwegian time) every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • drupal-se; for Swedish Drupal users.

Get Involved

If you are new to our community and would like to contribute, there are lots of ways to do so. Visit our Get Involved section for more information. To read what others are saying about Drupal, or to write your own post, take a trip to Planet Drupal.


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