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Views 2.0 officially released!

Posted my m3avrck on the September 18, 2008

Three and a half months ago, Views, along with CCK and OG were made available as a release candidates. Today, I've finally come to the conclusion that the remaining bugs are minor enough to go ahead with an official, formal release of Views 2, and we can finally say that this module is now out and available. Yes, it actually beat Panels 2 to final release! Read more

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Everyone can edit handbook pages!

Posted my bonobo on the September 17, 2008

As of today, October 16 2008, everyone with a user account on is able to edit most handbook pages (details are noted below). All users can already create new pages in the handbooks so this expands on that to allow editing of pages other than those you created. In the past this has been permitted only for members of the documentation team or site maintainers. Read more

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