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Drupal-powered ParentsClick NetworkDrupal News

Posted by m3avrck on the September 18, 2008 and the entire ParentsClick Network is very proud to announce that we've been acquired by Lifetime Entertainment. This marks a major milestone for a digital company whose online technology stack is largely built on Drupal:

The transaction is further proof that Drupal is competing with the likes of Ruby on Rails as a framework for high-tech startups. Lifetime's strategic acquisition of ParentsClick Network shows its belief that Drupal can power some of the largest online social community sites. Lifetime's VP of technology Nathan Potter states, "With the acquisition of ParentsClick, we continue to grow our core competency in Drupal development. With one of the largest and fastest growing Drupal-based communities anywhere, we will continue to show the world what Drupal is capable of." Read more

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Announcing a New Book: Drupal in Education and E-Learning Planet Drupal

Posted by m3avrck on the September 18, 2008

Bill Fitzgerald, of FunnyMonkey, has written Drupal for Education and E-learning, due out from Packt Publishing in late October. Targeted for Drupal 6, this book covers how to set up community sites to support interactive teaching and learning. This book gives an overview of the functionality of Drupal core, and then gives precise instructions on using CCK, Views 2, Organic Groups, and a range of other contributed modules to extend the functionality of your site. Read more

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Everyone can edit handbook pages! Drupal News

Posted by m3avrck on the September 18, 2008

As of today, October 16 2008, everyone with a user account on is able to edit most handbook pages (details are noted below). All users can already create new pages in the handbooks so this expands on that to allow editing of pages other than those you created. In the past this has been permitted only for members of the documentation team or site maintainers. Read more

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Manning announces two new books about Drupal Drupal News

Posted by m3avrck on the September 18, 2008

The Manning Publications Company recently announced two new books about Drupal. Manning is a well known publisher of many high quality technical books and the popular "in Action" series. Their decision to release two books about Drupal highlights the growth of interest in the Drupal platform. Manning's decision to work with established members of the Drupal community and also donate a portion of sales to the Drupal Association shows their desire to be a responsible member of the Drupal world. Read more

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Amazee - Drupal powered social collaboration Association

Posted by m3avrck on the September 18, 2008

On September 17, 2008 Amazee released a fully redesigned version of its social collaboration platform. We made this case study for all Drupal developers interested in how the site is being built and what the challenges have been so far. Amazee provides you with effective tools to promote your project and collaborate with project buddies. You can for example decide upon the degree of openness and publicity of the project, assign different member rights and keep your visitors informed through an easy editable project magazine. Read more

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Knight Drupal Initiative review meeting Planet Drupal

Posted by m3avrck on the September 18, 2008

The Knight Drupal Initiative which funds new and existing Drupal projects. The next monthly review meeting takes place on Thursday, 2 October 2008 at 15:00 EDT (19:00 UTC). The meeting will be held in IRC #drupal-dojo on (See for information about using IRC.) We will meet for an hour and a half to review current proposals, discuss the application process and introduce new proposals to the community. Read more

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Raincity Studios releases improved Bryght Drupal hosting platform Drupal News

Posted by m3avrck on the September 18, 2008

Some of you may have noticed we recently gave the Bryght hosting system a facelift and added some functionality under the hood. Bryght Drupal hosting combines a custom install profile with a tuned hosting environment, incorporating best practices used on, to make a fully functional, out-of-the-box VPS. Read more

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